Connector Webhooks

This article describes how you report campaign open and click activities for the custom channel campaign.

Custom Connector Campaign is an API based solution from Growlytics to send campaign messages to your communication vendors which are not registered with Growlytics. With these vendors, you can send messages via API calls. When the campaign is sent, Growlytics will call API endpoints mentioned in the campaign content.

This article will explain how you can report open and click events for the connector campaign messages.

How does it work?

When Growlytics calls the API endpoint for the connector campaign message, Growlytics includes a custom header x-growlytics-token which you can use to report open/click of the message.

Api For Reporting Opens/Clicks

Use this end point to repor to report opens/clicks to Growlytics.


Request Body




Growlytics token which you might have received on your api endpoint.



Allowed: open, click.

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