Follow the steps mentioned in the page to send emails from Growlytics using SendGrid.

Step 1: Configure Email Provider in Growlytics Dashboard

  1. Login to Growlytics Dashboard.

  2. Go to Integrations page.

  3. Click on Emails Tab.

  4. Click on "Add Provider" Button.

  5. Click on "SendGrid".

  6. Enter configuration name for your reference purpose.

  7. In the host box, enter host value

  8. In the port input box, enter port value 587

  9. Enter Username and Password values same as your SendGrid account login username and password .

  10. Enter From Address – It should be one of your emails from Amazon SES → Home → Verified Senders → Email addresses list. Most customers don't not open an email unless they recognize the sender.

  11. Save your settings, send a test email to make sure integration is complete. You must receive a test email from configured SendGrid account.

In case if you are facing any issue with integration, you can reach-out to us at

Step 2: Handling Bounces and Rejections

When an email is classified as bounced, rejected or unsubscribed by SendGrid, Growlytics also needs to be notified so that no further deliveries to that mailbox are attempted by Growlytics.

To enable support for bounce and dropped processing, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your SendGrid account.

  2. Go to Mail Settings > Event Notification. Enable the Event Notification like mentioned in image below. Also make sure you have selected Dropped, Bounced from options.

3. In http post url, mention Growlytics callback URL mentioned in SendGrid provider configuration (Integration > Email > Sendgrid).

The count of email bounces is shown on the campaign report screen.

Step 3: Handling Unsubscribes

Click here to view detailed guidelines to handle subscriptions.

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