Configure FCM Channel

Sending push notifications to Android devices is done via Firebase Cloud Messaging. Detailed configuration steps to setup firebase cloud messaging are given below.

Step1: Generate FCM Credentials

In order to use Firebase messaging, you'll need to generate a .JSON server key, which you enter in the push notification settings. Steps are given below.

  • Make sure that the Firebase Cloud Messaging API is enabled for your project. You can check that here.

  • Log into the Firebase Console for your project.

  • Head into your Project settings by clicking on the gear icon in the sidebar:

  • Select the Service Accounts tab and click on the Generate New Private Key button. You will see a confirmation dialog after which the prompt to download the credential file should appear

Step 2: Configure FCM credentials on Growlytics Dashboard

  • Login to Growlytics Dashboard.

  • Go to Integrations => Mobile Push Notifications.

  • Click on "Android FCM" tab.

  • Next, click on "Configure FCM Push" button. You will see a popup to provide private key file generated from firebase admin dashboard. Upload the file and click on save changes button.

Step 3: Enable FCM Capablity in GCP Console

Once the JSON is configured, FCM should be enabled in the cloud console

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