Amazon SES

Follow the steps mentioned in the page to send emails from Growlytics using Amazon Simple Email Service.

Step1: Add and verify an email address on Amazon SES

  1. Go to SES Home → Email Addresses. Click on Verify a New Email Address button.

2. A popup will appear when you click on Verify a New Email Address button. Enter the email you want to use for sending emails from Growlytics and click on Verify This Email Address button.

3. On email address you entered, you will receive a email from amazon which will contain a verification link. Click on that link to complete email verification.

4. After verification is done, you will see the email in the Email Addresses section of SES with status verified in green(as shown in the screenshot above).

Make sure you are not in Sandbox mode of your account. If so, the recipient address is also required to be verified.

Step2: Request AWS to increase allowed emails per day

By default, only 1 email per second and 200 emails per 24 hours. To increase that limit and use send bulk mails, you will need to submit a request to AWS. With the following steps, you can submit this request to AWS. You can also follow AWS Guidelines for the same.

In AWS console, click on Support > Support Center menu.

  • On the My support cases tab, choose Create case.

  • Under Create case, choose Service limit increase.

  • Under Case classification, complete the following sections:

    • For Limit type, choose SES Service Limits.

    • For Mail Type, choose the type of email that you plan to send. If more than one value applies, choose the option that applies to the majority of the email that you plan to send.

    • For Website URL, enter the URL of your website. Providing this information helps us better understand the type of content that you plan to send.

    • For My email sending complies with the AWS Service Terms and AUP, choose the option that applies to your use case.

    • For I only send to recipients who have specifically requested my mail, choose the option that applies to your use case.

    • For I have a process to handle bounces and complaints, choose the option that applies to your use case.

Step3: Configure Email Provider in Growlytics Dashboard

  1. Login to Growlytics Dashboard.

  2. Go to Integrations page.

  3. Click on Emails Tab.

  4. Click on "Add Provider" Button.

  5. Click on "Amazon".

  6. Enter configuration name for your reference purpose.

  7. Enter server name and port values grabbed from Amazon SES → Dashboard → SMTP Settings.

  8. Enter Username and Password values should your SMTP credentials from Amazon SES. These are not your AWS account credentials.

  9. Enter From Address – It should be one of your emails from Amazon SES → Home → Verified Senders → Email addresses list. Most customers don't not open an email unless they recognize the sender.

  10. Save your settings, send a test email to make sure integration is complete. You must receive a test email from configured SES account email id.

Step4: Setup Delivery Reporting with Amazon SES

In order to view delivery reports on Growlytics dashboard, you will need to create an SNS topic, and subscribe to sns topic with Growlytics's webhook url and map it to SES email or domain.

Exact steps to setup SNS are mentioned below:

  1. Login to your aws account and from services, select SNS(Simple Notification Service).

  2. Click on "Create Topic" button on top right corner.

  3. Fill out the details required to create a topic.

    1. Topic Type: Standard

    2. Name: Growlytics Delivery Notifier

    3. Rest keep as it is.

  4. Click on create topic button.

  5. Once the topic is created, click on the "Create Subscription" button.

  6. Fill out the details required to create a subscription.

    1. Protocol: HTTPS

    2. EndPoint: Use Growlytics webhook url, provided in growlytics dashboard while you are adding the provider.

  7. Click on create subscription button.

  8. Once subscription is created, you might see the subscribtion with status confirmed as shown in image below.

In case if you are facing any issue with integration, you can reach-out to us at

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