Facebook Audiences

Integrate your facebook account and Sync Growlytics segments with facebook audience for highly targeted ads.

To sync audience or users to Facebook, you will access to facebook's Marketing API. This can be acheived by creating an app on facebook developer console and giving that app permissions to snyc custom audience with Facebook.

Follow below steps to setup facebook app:

  1. Go to FB business settings page. Scroll to Apps and click on Add > Create a new app ID option under Apps menu.

  2. Select "Manage Business INtegrations" in the purpose of creating this new app and click Continue.

  3. Once the app gets created, App dashboard will open and you will see option to add Products.

  4. Search for Marketing API and click Set Up. Your app will be created in dev mode and is ready for testing.

Step2: Connect Facebook Account With Growlyitcs

  1. Login to Growlytics Dashboard. Go to Settings> Social Media.

  2. Click on Add / Edit Provider.

  3. In Social Media, select "Facebook"

  4. Enter Add Account ID and App Access Token That you have created in earlier step.

  5. Click on Save Changes.

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