Google Ad Audiences

Integrate your google ads account and Sync Growlytics segments with google ads audience for highly targeted ads.

Step1: Connect your google ads account

  1. Go to Integrations > Google Ads.

  2. Click on 'Connect Google Account' button.

    1. Next, you’ll be asked to grant Growlytics Audience Sync access to Manage your Adwords Campaigns. This access will allow the sync to occur.

    2. Once you’ve allowed access, you’re done!

Step 2: Create Google Ads Audience Synced with Growlytics

  1. Once Google Ads account connected, Select the Ad account, click on next button.

  2. Click on "Create Audience" button.

  3. Specify name of the audience, we suggest adding " - Growlytics Synced" at the end of audience name to keep audiences organized in the Google Ad Network.

  4. Add description for the audience and click on create audience.

  5. You're done! You've successfully created a Google Ads audience which is hourly synced with Growlytics.

Step 3: Syncing segment with audience

  1. Go to segment list page, select a segment to open segment detail page.

  2. On segment detail page, click on "Ad Audiences" tab.

  3. Select the channel you want to sync.

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