Welcome to Growlytics documentation. This website will help you to understand Growlytics platform/

Growlytics helps you with product analytics and provides marketing automation on top of it. Growlytics platform helps you with product usage analytics and increase user engagement in three ways:

  • Growlytics automatically captures page visits, clicks on page, and input data events for you at session level.

  • You can also track actions users are taking to analyze how people are using your product.

  • You can segment users based on their actions and run targeted campaigns to these segments.

  • You can analyze each of your campaigns to understand their impact on user engagement and your business metrics.


Events, users, segments, campaigns, and reports are central to the Growlytics platform, so it is important to understand each one's role.

  • Customers/Users: After installing Growlytics SDK, a customer profile will be created for each person who visits your website or opens your mobile app. Growlytics customer profile comes with default fields like location, device details, total visits etc. You can also add custom fields to custom profiles using the SDK. You can read SDK reference for adding custom fields to customer's profile.

  • Events: Growlytics automatically captures page visit, click and input events for you. Moroever, Growlytics SDK lets you track what actions users perform in your app or website, such as a viewed product category, listening to a song, or making a purchase. Events are associated with both a customer profile and customer's session.

  • Sessions: Each website visit or app launch will be marked as a session. Events triggered within 30 minutes of each other are counted towards the current session. The time of the first event marks the start time of a session and the last event triggered marks the end time of a session. You can change the session timeout window via sdk configuration [with sessionTimeout attribute].

  • Segments: With Growlytics you can create segments, which are a group of customers whose behaviors, activities, or profile properties meet a set of filters you’ve defined. Once you’ve identified segments, you can save them, target them with a event analytics and also engage with them by campaigns, and then analyze them over time.

  • Campaigns: With Growlytics, you create campaigns on different channels like Email, Push notifications etc. to communicate with your customers at scale. Growlytics provides wide variety of trigger points to make sure you are engaging with customers with right message at right time.

  • Reporting: Growlytics lets you build reports to understand the impact of your product events or campaigns. You can use these reports to analyze your user engagement and guide product decisions.